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My tournaments, cybugs, new AI Wars etc. (long) From:
Robert Jessop



My site was left un updated for ages. Sorry. I was Lazy. I was Busy.

Anyway, I've just finished first semester exams and decided to run the last two tournaments of the season - which I should have done ages ago. The results are up: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~rj200/index.shtml

Unfortunately I only came to this forum after doing it all so didn't know there were new cybugs!


I will download them and test them out but its too late to run the tournament again. I don't plan on doing another season but I might one day in the future (not soon) run a big one off tournament with a range of different scenarios and lots of the classic cybugs as well as new ones. (if anyone can email me Kenny or any other classic cybugs from James Press's tournament's days please do).

Its hard to compare cybugs when there are so many options in the game. Smart Clicks makes the biggest difference the other setting do too.

For example, My SC III is probably the best in a big free-for-all but SAM 1.3 beats it every time one-on-one. SC III beats SAM in ffa because SAM's cloaking detection only works in the simplest case (one enemy). SAM wins the one-on-one because I have made SC III becomes aggressive if the enemy just sits nearby for a few clicks because a stalemate is bad in a ffa.


Its interesting that its aimed more at team battles. Incidentely I made a special version of Schrodinger's Cat 2.7 for team battles. It would agressively attack enemy cybugs, even from the front, when a friendly cybug was nearer the enemy. Unfortunately #friend variables cause errors if you haven't got any so it had to stay seperate from the main version. Version 3.1 would beat 2.7 in a team battle these days. Actually, since around version 2.1 or 2.2 SC has used the shared ~h variables to make them stop going for a flag when a team mate picks it up. This was necessary because the cloaking detection equations allow the cybug to detect when an enemy is destroyed and often many SC IIIs would go for the flag left behind!

I don't think I'll buy it though because I've less time these days and I would probably just play with it a bit and not get the many hundreds of hours of fun that I've had from AI Wars.

If its compatible with old cybugs then John please feel free to distribute any of mine with it.

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