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John Reder

Nice Tools and missions! I'm hoping that having the specs for A.I. Wars posted at:


will encourage others to build more tools like these in the future.

Good luck in your military service (I served in the U.S. Navy from 1984 till 1988 so I know how little money and time you have.)!


> > Thanks for the suggestions. I consider them all.
> >
> > :)
> > John
> greetings again !
> I was just visiting tactical neuronics for a quick update on whats new (its been a long time !), and saw your aiw commander game. looks great ! Ill probably register it when Im through with my military service period (somewhere mid-summer).
> I hope you haven't forgotten about my wishlist ? :)
> http://www.q1n.org/aiwars.html#wishes
> ps: I know the page doesn't work very well, it's not finished yet.
> pss: if the page doesn't show up at all in your browser, use Mozilla <http://www.mozilla.org>.

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