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Re: Fatal Error? From:
Reinier van de Ruit

The "Fatal Error" expression occurs if:
1) the code is too long in length
2) you try to use too many OR's or AND's

1) I have a code that is approx. 275 - 300 characters long (including spaces). If you try to make a cmath longer than 300, it results in "Fatal Error"

2) I made a 'section'-cmath, in which I had 4 sections: above and to the left, above and to the right, under and to the left, under and to the right. I also tried to calculate the distance using AND, but in combination with the 4 OR's, it failed.

My advice for making a big one-line cmath:
first make the smaller pieces and test them if they work, after that you can stick them together in a longer cmath, until you discover that the cmath gives a "Fatal Error", then you know you reached a limit.



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