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I got the latest signed drivers from Microsoft (v4.0.7.2) they worked fine. The game now works in 3D mode perfect.

The patch you sent me via email also worked fine.
Thanks John!

> When I search Microsoft for the latest nvidia signed drivers I get 3.11.0018 and everything works fine on my XP boxes that use nvidia cards. They do however have problems when I use the latest drivers downloaded from Nvidia (Many games like Unreal Tournament II give me a blue screen of death and crash my systems.)
> Searching the use groups on the net, there are tons of people having problems with the Nvidia/XP/DirectX driver combinations out there. Most blame Microsoft for the complexity of their plight but I am pretty sure, since they (Microsoft) aren't signing the latest Nvidia drivers that Nvidia is the true cause of most of these problems.
> To find Microsoft signed drivers for your card, go to windows update and click on "Find Hardware Drivers Update". Find your card and install and try the latest driver (by date).
> Thanks,
> John

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