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Re: Any ideas as to how to improve this bug? From:
John Reder

Yes move the 'start:' label up two lines so it includes the 'move forward' command in your loop. I'd also recomend putting a 'if bump barrier then turn left' command after that. It'll make your Cybug much more fun to watch since it will be moving and navigating. Currently, your Cybug moves one space and enters into a endless loop setting the v1 variable to a value of 1 over and over again.

Hope this helps,

With a name like terminator I'm starting to think that this was an April fools joke... :)

> Here's my bug so far, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to improve it:
> name Terminater
> author Omega1989
> iff code bang
> ;this is my best bug so far.
> move forward
> start:
> assign v1 1
> goto start
> Any help will be nice.

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