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I seem to have a small problem on the site. When ever I click a link that opens in a new window, it doesnt load. Could you look at this for me? Also, you seem to have tons of other programs to download of this site except for your own A.I Wars (the insect mind) shareware version. Also concerning that download, is that it is the wrong download, well it is the same program but it is the version before it.

The program is says you will download is: A.I. Wars (the Insect Mind) - SHAREWARE 7.0MB Version: 5.6.2s
You get:A.I. Wars (the Insect Mind) - SHAREWARE 6.84MB Version: 5.6.2

You see, there is only a small diffrence and this just might be me. Well, Hope you get it fixed soon (if it is a problem)
Also I just want to say that This game roxs and I am going to get the registered version as soon as I can.
Also (lol) I just wanted to say that I think there might be a bug (well offcourse there is, I mean a clitch) in the game. I was working on my bug and when I was finished I saved it and closed it but as I was closing it, it asked me that I hadnt saved it and to go save it, I click no becuase I had the manual open and thouaght I might have just changed something in there. When I go to battle, guess what...NO CODE WHAT SO EVER! I was soooo mad, but later that day I was having a tournament with the bugs that come with the program and found that I had tried the import feature the other day and that I still have some of the code. Yeah! Well thats all from me
Also I could post this message normaly so I had to post it here.

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