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John Reder

Thanks for the feedback!

Re: "When ever I click a link that opens in a new window, it doesnt load."

What web browser (brand and version) are you using?

Re: "Also, you seem to have tons of other programs to download of this site except for your own A.I Wars (the insect mind) shareware version."

I was paying my host over $200 dollars a month for extra bandwidth so I moved that file to another FTP host.

Re: "The program is says you will download is: A.I. Wars (the Insect Mind) - SHAREWARE 7.0MB Version: 5.6.2s You get:A.I. Wars (the Insect Mind) - SHAREWARE 6.84MB Version: 5.6.2"

That's the correct shareware file, the size was simply rounded up.

Re: "Also I just want to say that This game roxs and I am going to get the registered version as soon as I can."

I'm glad you enjoy it!

Re: "Also (lol) I just wanted to say that I think there might be a bug..."

Sorry about that. I haven't seen that one before, I'm glad you retrieved your code.

Hope this helps,

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