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Alright, heres just to just summariz everything up:

Name: CAWS Tournaments
Address: http://dtt8.tripod.com
Opening: (Aiming for) April 27th, 2003

What I need:
Ideas, Staff, help, Ideas

Here are a few questions:

1. I am thinking of maybe having specail tournaments where you would pay a set price to enter and the winner would get a prize, or something like that. There is tons of things that could happen with this. Give ideas for this or tell me if it is a bad idea

2.I am thinking of maybe having more then just battles and such, maybe races or something. Tell me what kind of compitions we could have or tell me if this is a bad idea

3.Maybe there could be contests and such.

and there is tons of other ideas. Please give me your ideas and thouaghts.

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