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Robert Jessop

> 1. I am thinking of maybe having specail tournaments where you would pay a set price to enter and the winner would get a prize, or something like that. There is tons of things that could happen with this. Give ideas for this or tell me if it is a bad idea

I ran a tournament site a while ago (http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~rj200). I didn't got hardly any new entries and I expect you'd get 2 at most (and thats unlikely) if you charged as people who would otherwise enter for fun would not pay to see their cybug beaten (by my SC III lol).

In fact you'll struggle to get many new entries as very few people visit this board. Make it interesting by downloading the best cybugs from this site and my tournament pages and entering them even though many of the authors are no longer around.

> 2.I am thinking of maybe having more then just battles and such, maybe races or something. Tell me what kind of compitions we could have or tell me if this is a bad idea

Its a good idea if you can get authors to do it - which is difficult. long ago I did a maze navigation tournament and recieved two entries, neither of which were very good.

The trick maybe is to do a tournament like James Press's old capture the flag - which involved each team having a queen that cannot move or fight and must be protected at all costs. Everyone wrote a 5 line queen cybug that did nothing and used their normal cybug for the rest of the team - except for me: I designed a team with special tactics for it. No extra programming effort unless you really want to.

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