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John Reder


It's good to hear from you. Tournaments seem to come and go. Currently there has just been some talk, but nothing on the same scale like the ones you were involved in. Although it is planning to be part of a national schoolastic competition in China, hence, the Chinese versions.

I'm hoping that with the new version of A.I. Wars that someone will step up to the plate and hit another home run! As always, I'm here to help if anyone needs it.


> I was just browsing around old haunting grounds and thought I'd stop by. I see people are still hanging around some here. The new 3d versions are lookin' pretty cool John. Are there any active tournaments going though? That was when it was always the funnest. Maybe, just maybe this summer sometime, I might have some time to start one up. You never know.
> Until then,
> Shea

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