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I managed to get it to work quite well. All move routines, weapon routines and other subroutines end on subclick 8 with the 1 click command coming on subclick 9 exactly. This was no small task as I'm sure you can attest to.

He is devastating in the open, as I have fine tuned my code the the current crop of bugs, however I have yet to add the barrier routine and a few other goodies. I have my fingers crossed that I can work a manageable solution. In his current state he is only around 160 lines, but those 160 lines have taken me far longer to create than all of my 1000 lines bugs added together.

This is my first serious attempt at counting the subclicks and generating code to suit them exactly. I feel it is the only way to be competative with the outstanding bugs out there. The level of talent in the AI Wars pool has greatly increased since my last foray.

Debugging this bug in tedious to say the least. Some of my expressions contain in exceess of 300 character including spaces, (yes it's possible)... the processing time is rediculous :)

All that being said, I am not even half done :)

This current crop of bugs is quite remarkable. I am amazed at how "smart" they seem to be. I only hope that I will be at least competative in the near future... I am far from that mark even with my an embarrasing amount of time put into my bug already. I look forward to the challenge :)


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