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does A.I. wars run on my comp? From:
Frederik Van Slycken

I have a quite old computer, and I'm not sure if A.I. wars 3D would run on it, so I looked around a bit, and found this:
"To test your systems capibilities you can download and install the 'A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind) 3D Screen Saver' here. This uses the same technologies used by A.I. Wars 3D."
so I tried to install the screensaver, but when I run it, I hear some strange clicks and my screen flickers a couple of times, and then it gives me this:

Error in program
Runtime error: ERROR 18

Does this mean my comp is too crappy to run A.I. wars 3D?

BTW my comp is running win98, I don't remember the rest of its info, exept that it's crap...


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