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Re: does A.I. wars run on my comp? From:
John Reder

If you are sure you copied all of the screensaver files into your C:\windows directory and you still received this error, then you may be right, your machine may be too underpowered to run the 3D stuff. The 2D stuff should work fine on almost any system.


> I have a quite old computer, and I'm not sure if A.I. wars 3D would run on it, so I looked around a bit, and found this:
> "To test your systems capibilities you can download and install the 'A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind) 3D Screen Saver' here. This uses the same technologies used by A.I. Wars 3D."
> so I tried to install the screensaver, but when I run it, I hear some strange clicks and my screen flickers a couple of times, and then it gives me this:
> Error in program
> Runtime error: ERROR 18
> Does this mean my comp is too crappy to run A.I. wars 3D?
> BTW my comp is running win98, I don't remember the rest of its info, exept that it's crap...
> Thanks.

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