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I don't know exactly why the A.I. research is being done, but I'm quite sure that something like in the matrix isn't going to happen very soon..
For something like that to happen, a computer trying to take control of the world, there is a VERY long way to go. This is simply because the computer has no instinct. Normally any animal has two basic puposes: To let the species survive, and to let himself survive. The computer has neither, and I think it will take people VERY long before they get that in a computer. And if they ever try it, they will be very carefull with it, in order to prevent events like in the matrix movies

But since currently nobody has ever successfully made a computer capable of just talking to someone without the person noticing it after a while, believe me, it will take a VERY long time for matrix-like things to start happening... unless we are already in the matrix now ;)

> hi
> i'm bapban from india. and beside of that i'm, just a new commer in this fieled, i've the subject A/I. in my syllebus. so i need a know lot of things in A/I. but the basic fuda of this subject is why this A/I is been made . the thing is that what i can immage by my little brain is the A/I is been made by human for human. but why means if its a queistain of perfectness then for a certain time we can accept that but if it is a queistain of long time or period then its been prooved that those A/I s are not so reliable means if we suddenly follow up the film MATRIX> the funda is so clear that those r noway safe or nither reliable. then why this desaster reserch is going on. although i'm very new commer but till the time i clear my self of all these dought i can't go further. so if any body could breaf me what is the actual porpose and why these reserch is actually going on i'll be so thank full.
> with more and more dought just putting on the comma,,,,. not the full stop on my dought.
> thank u. bapban.

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