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John Reder

I tested mt multiple variable output theory and found that the name output is limited so I had to shorten the syntax. Here is an example bug that uses the syntax:

name TestNameDrone
author Tactical Neuronics

name A: #alive I: #inbound
move forward
if bump barrier then turn right
goto start

In this case you can see the values of both variables in the Cybugs name.


> #alive includes all Cybugs.
> #inbound is for same axis.
> A good way to see these variables in real time as they are happening is to place a name command in your loop for example:
> start:
> name #alive
> your other commands...
> goto start
> This way if you have names turned on you can see your Cybug report the value of these variables where its name would usually appear.
> I believe you can also list more than one of them out using syntax like:
> name Alive: #alive , Inbound: #inbound
> Enjoy!
> John
> > For #alive, does that include all cybugs or just the others?
> >
> > For #inbound, does it report whenever someone fires a rocket/grenade or just on the same axis?
> >
> > P.S. it's been slow lately, anyone with a tourniment???

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