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are there any cmath limitations? From:


Are known limitations of cmath command?
When I write long and complex formula (about 300 characters, it is not so much I mean), it is often not computed. When I split it in two parts like for example this way:

; first (unsuccessful) version
cmath v1 = "formula part 1" + "formula part 2"

; second (splited, more subclick expensive, but successful) version
cmath v1 = "formula part 1"
cmath v1 = ~v1 + "formula part 2"

then it works, so there is no a syntax error, I mean.
I tested cmath in many ways: very very long but simple formulas (like 1+1+1+1...., #system_var+#system_var+..., ~user_var+~user_var+...), deep formulas (like ((((((((((blabla)+(((((bleble)))))))))))))) ) and so on... and it worked, but when the formula can be useful, it does not work, of course :-)

I haven't seen any informations about cmath limitations anywhere...
Can be the reason, that I have only shareware version(5.6.2s) ... yet?

Thanks for answer.


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