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John Reder

Thanks for the Info!


> Thank you for answer!
> Problems with parsing like ~v1=~v2 are known well to me :-) (And test with splitting formula probably eliminates a possibility of this bug.)
> I agree with what you said, the length limit of formula depends on its layout. I have experienced before, that I changed the layout and it started to work. Someone could be only disappointed, when developing new formula for long time, trying to make it simple as possible, it doesn't work, there is no way to simplificate it anymore and only way to use it, is to use two subclicks (and one subclick can be of high worth in some occasions :)
> OK, there is another point of view. In real world, there are limits. For example time taken to compute a formula depends on formula's complexity. So cybug in A.I.Wars' world should compute during one subclick only formula of limited complexity (and complexity coheres with length) to correspond with real world.
> OK, lets end with this theme...
> I've some (not very important) bug report. In A.I.Wars SHAREWARE 5.6.2 (maybe in full version not): when adding cybug to battle list using Browse (with Open file dialog) there is some problem. When user choose some cybug for battle using Browse, name of the chosen .ai file is stored. When running dialog later the string variable with file name is not initialized to zero-length or something and then when user hit Cancel button, the cybug chosen last times is added to battle list again. (And that is probably what user didn't want. And maybe he must clear all battle list...)
> Bye!
> Peter

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