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John Reder

Wow! This is the first I've heard of Dark Basic so I downloaded it and to be honest I was blown away! Very cool product, I might attempt to a new version of A.I. Wars in it! I have been attempting to get good 3D out of VB but it's too time consuming but it appears that with this language good 3D Cybug battles might be possible! It also appears that I can import 3D models from other design tools an it uses most of the media types I'm used to using. It's worth looking at if you are interested in a well rounded game writing language.

Now I must return to plugging my own stuff... :)

> Hello, I'm a programmer currently using Dark Basic. The people on the forums are discussing making a program very similar to this A.I. wars here. While its still in the early development stages, I am curious as to how close it would be to this program. I was wandering if you could describe to me the features and capabilities of this program, as well as what language the robots are programmed in.
> If anyone here is interested in learning a true programming language, check out Dark Basic at
> www.darkbasic.co.uk
> Thank you for your time.

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