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Hear me out. I'm using A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind)
v2.01a (shareware). I have a "set-up" that is a 10-second battle of pure chaos. Wanna hear it? You've got no choice :P. Put MY Cybugs in it
(Alan J. Kettley) and only mine. I may or may not have to re-upload my prototype.ai. Put these 5 in the battle first:
And set the arena to the_fire.map. It does get a little cheap if a "bug" bug pops up (invisible copy of a cybug that can be found using scans; if attacked, the bug is attacked, i.e.: Results:
Mr. E-S Damage: 100).
You probably know this already but, just in case,
if that's the case, start a battle on a different map, cancel it, choose the_fire.map again, cancel it and check the screenshot. If there are 2 of the SAME number, repeat this process. If not, get ready for some action (watch armcannon.ai go after a flag :D). That should do it...

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