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Bah... I check in again! From:

Hey guys,
I am just checkin' back in here at A.I Wars. It's been what... six months since I was last here? I really want to get back in A.I. Wars (and I mean it this time, I actually have time to dedicated to it) but the only problem is that I use Linux now... :( I wonder if it would run under wine... or maybe you could port it to linux :). Ofcourse you could always make A.I. wars V5 free too but I doubt I'll be seeing that, eh? :P. Ooohhh... Maybe I'll have to drag out the old HD that has windows 98 but I'll wait intill I hear back from you.
What kind of things need to be done around here anyways? Maybe I could help out, I sure would hate to see A.I. wars die like NetMonsters did... Anyhow. It was nice talking to you all again, hope to hear from you soon.


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