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I was thinking of things maybe I could do to help out with A.I. Wars and so I made a list:

o Manage the A.I. Wars bugs library
o Create a A.I. Wars Community website
o Help revamp the current A.I. Wars website
o Create documents, help files, etc. on A.I Wars
o Promote A.I Wars through several different modes
o Get a tournament going
o Find and bring back old players and recruit new
o Help John with odd-ball tasks.

Can anybody think of anything more, and is there anybody out there? Here, I'll leave some contact information... please notify me if you would be intrested in helping A.I. wars get back on it's feet.

MSN Messenger: somerville32@hotmail.com
AIM: stc32t
Y! (Yahoo Messenger): somerville32

I use AIM and MSN the most. If you really want to make sure you get through to me, send me an email at somerville32@hotmail.com
I also plan on checking the boreds daily.

Anyhow, I just want to reconfirm to everyone that I really plan on actually doing things this time :P. Once we come together on this we can start setting some short and long term goals for A.I. wars. We really need some of the following:

- Old players that really know how to work those bugs (A.I bugs that is)
- Web designers
- Coders
- And just people who want to help...

A.I. is alot of fun once you get into it, I'll never forget the first time I downloaded A.I. wars and started coding my first bug :).

Anyhow, Enough talk... Let's get some work done :)


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