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Is it possible to host an A.I. Wars tournament without the registered version?
I only have the shareware version and it is hard to scrounge up any money to buy stuff when your a full-time student and are trying to look after the kids.
Anyhow, I will be sure to get on a site as soon as I can. Is there other rules, regulations, guidelines, etc. et.c that you would like to give us?
One more thing, do you have a valid e-mail address that I could contact you directly in the future? The one supplied with your posts returns errors.

Once again thank you sooo much,


> Any help that you would like to give would be great. I can say that A.I. Wars interest always picks up when tournaments are held. Anyone who wants to run a tournament is welcome to do so. Feel free to use any images and links from TacticanNeuronics.com. I will also offer the following incentives: Anyone who hosts an A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind) tournament can offer their winners a free copy of either AI Wars (The Insect Mind) or (Armor Commander) registered version. I will need to see formal announcements of the tournaments here in this forum and the tournaments will need to have at least 5 separate cybug programmers participating. I will review the tournaments host site (if one exists) and the resulting tournament battle summary files. Anyone who creates an A.I. Wars fan web site announcing its URL here along with their e-mail address (I will verify it is authentic) I will e-mail them a registered copy of A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind) or (Armor Commander) So anyone hosting a tournament that has its own web site will get a registered copy for themselves and can offer the tournament winner a free copy as well! Also, anyone who can convince their schools to host a tournament (school needs to purchase a site license) will qualify for free copies of AI Wars (The Insect Mind) and AI Wars (Armor Commander). Once your school registers a site license post a message here naming your school and your e-mail address and I'll e-mail you instructions on how and where to download your copies after I verify that they have registered.
> Merry Christmas!
> John Reder

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