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Hey everyone,
I have got alot of work done on The A.I. Wars Offical Fan site. I just need to install phpnews, a message board, finish up a few more pages, get it onto the host and I am done. What I need though is a talented, creative writer who is willing to lend of some of their talent to their website (somethings they would writer are news articles, tournament descriptions and details, text for certain webpages, etc. etc.). I also need an assitant to help manage the website. I need someone who is experinced in web development, html, php, mysql, etc. etc. If you are intrested then please e-mail me (somerville32@hotmail.com).
I have set up an irc channel and you can reach it at: http://www.freejavachat.com?chan=aiwars_OFS
You'll be able to access it through the website once I get it up. I know I will try my best to be on it as much as possible to try and meet you fellow A.I. War fans. Btw, I'll be e-mail using that list tomorrow (Btw, I did find errors in the list :) ).
Anyhow, I am off to bed! It is late and I am very very tired. I will talk to you all later and I hope this website is a big success. I'll post more updates in this thread as they come along.

Good Night,


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