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I just wanted to point out that it appears that www.freejavachat.com is offline at the moment. Hopefuly it will be back up soon. Intill then, you can use your favourite irc client.


> Well, there are ways. Linkshot seems to be pretty good at it (haha :P). You can usualy find him on the irc channel. irc.irchat.tv (#aiwars_OFS). You can also use the java client at www.freejavachat.com?chan=aiwars_OFS
> See you around,
> ~Me
> > My bug is password proteced... no big deal right? Well it wouldnt be, but it has been over a year since ive edited it and i've forgotten the password!
> >
> > My bug is ebugv1.3. Is there anyway that you can recover or unlock the bug for me John? I really want to show this game to my friend, but I want to show him my bug so he gets a general idea of how the game works and I CANT!!!

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