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Reviving the AIW Community From:
Tony Dwyer

Hiya Somerville, great to see somebody trying to revive the scene. I agree with John that a tournament will go a long way in getting people interested again; competition is the best motivator.

My time is rather limited nowadays, but I would love to lend a hand however I can. I've got some PHP experience under my belt and I'm pretty good at tinkering with various webserver/database setups. I also have an unused (mostly) computer that is very capable of being a webserver (albeit it is on a broadband connection on port 8080, but it is free!). I recently purchased a copy of AI Wars intending to get back into it, but got sidetracked by other things. One idea that really intrigued me was a "live" tournament or King of the Hill, similar to what the Corewar folks have done (See http:\\www.koth.org). It is very possible to do something similar with AI Wars.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Let me know via email or on this board if you require my help, and hopefully we can get this great game the attention and community it deserves :)

Tony Dwyer aka "Krazy Ivan"

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