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Hey everybody,
The long (or not so long) awaited A.I. Wars OFS has gone live today. There is still alot of work to be done but we are getting there. Feedback can go in the garbage, and my garbase I mean my e-mail box! (I'm just joking, I really really want feedback!). Please send it to somerville32@hotmail.com

So get your butt to
and starting logging onto the irc chat and posting on the message boards.

Some things I plan on doing in the next little while (website design things only):

- Getting someone to make the phpnews to look nice and pretty.
- Adding a newletter sign up and a mailman mailing list.
- Making a page for players to sign up to be volunteer staff (maybe).
- Adding a goback link to the website on the forums.

If you want to help with those things, send me an e-mail.

I also obvisously need people to help moderate the forums and irc chat. If you are intrested then e-mail me!

If you have a great idea that you think that would make everything come together and be really really great then post it on the message board in the correct location and e-mail me!

e-mail me!!



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