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AI wars camed a long way! From:

last time i'we played ai wars was back in .. think 98 or 99. it was great. and now it's even better. aldo i woud liked to see some some advancement in CAICL.
anyway i'm glad it's still alive and kiking.
i'we just tryed last night. anyone had problems with the music? if i play with midi on the game runs at about 2-3 cliks per minut!!! i'we got a xp 1600mh running xp pro sp1 126mb ram!
also, is there any way to install it without admin rights? i want it at work but i'we got a limited acount and i can't install the comctl and some other dlls that go in the system dir.
i'me not in the mood to hack passwors so, any sugestions? (beside asking the admin, who is at about 500km away and is a real bitch)
happy (cy)bug hunting

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