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Help for new people... From:
Reinier van de Ruit

Hi to you newbies and welcome!

First of all, if you want to understand the game a little bit better: read the manual first.
This may seem obvious, but it helps you understand the basics of AI-wars.

Second of all, read the programmer's guide I wrote. You can download it if you click the link below.

Third: take a look at the sample bugs that are provided. Together with the manual you may be able to figure out what the purpose is of the game and what the meaning of a certain way of programming is. Taking a look at the way a bug is programmed helps you make a bug of your own; copy some codes that seem usefull, like movement and/or scanning. Later on, you can develop your own coding.

Any questions AFTER you have taken these 3 steps?? Then post them on the board or e-mail me.



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