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John Reder

Very good question and guess!

Yes I'm using DarkBasic for the 3D and yes, it will be a script interpreter. It uses the same A.I. Wars battle engine as before but the battle is run in a fragment of time then saved as a script which is run by the 3D engine in normal time for viewing. This allows easy playback replacing the current 2D movie mode.

If you haven't given DarkBasic a look it's is well worth it, if you like to program games. It's made Direct3D as easy to program as regular 2D was!

> Cool, using DarkBASIC yeah?
> is it a script interpreter?
> ie: does it run the battles as normal and show the battles in 3D?
> or is it really a new fully 3D engine?
> just interested :)
> Simon

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