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yeah, i got DarkBASIC a few months ago, and i was thinking the same thing. i was looking for an idea to work on, and the first one i thought of, was a way of turning an output script into a 3D rendering for AI wars, it was all very romantic and stuff until i realised i had little to no chance of doing it without some copyright infringement, so im now doing a 3D racing game (like mariokart64, but with much more grunt) and a 2D fighting game (coz its a relief to do 2D compared to 3D physics, sheesh!).

needless to say, ill be looking forward to the next engine version of AI Wars, real 3D????

btw, with the thing youve done, can you chuck in the option to texture your own bug?
do some standardizing on what size textures and stuff(256x256 or something) and maybe provide a little "painting" type program so we can all put evil little messages and stuff on our bugs :)

maybe another command (texture bug, or paint bug) followed by the path and filename of the texture would work.

ok, thats my little piece of input :)

good work too, cant wait to see it!!


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