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a.i. wars chinese

john reder

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(c) 2002-2010, john a. reder, all rights reserved.

this is a free game of strategy and deception similar to stratego. your goal is to locate and destroy the enemy 'army king'. you move your army flags around a 3d battlefield of your choosing to trap and destroy enemy flags in your quest to find the enemy king. at first, neither army knows the values of their enemies flags. as the game progresses you will do battle with each other revealing the true value of the flags involved in the conflicts. as you slowly learn each others flags your goal is to devise a plan to attack at the heart of your enemy and eliminate their king! there are many types of flags you may place to create your army from 'serpents' and 'demons' to 'sea monsters' and 'great dragons'. some can travel fast, others can travel on or over special terrain types such as water and stone. others cannot move at all but can be devastating to attacking enemy flags.

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features include: 3d battle interface, many maps to choose from and its own map editor. multiple battle viewing options. use a computer designed army or use the included army designer to create your own. only for windows/pc compatible systems.

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fortress of flags - user guide

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a.i. sandbox details
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get the full updated version v1.0.1 (8mb) here - free! note that a map editor, full/windowed v1.0.2 and multiplayer v3.0.3-2p modes included.

get the a.i. sandbox version 2.0.0 (1.5mb) here and develop your own army a.i. in any computer language you wish and share it with others!

directx drivers from microsoft.
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upload and download your favorite maps here

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talk about fortress of flags here

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here are some of the maps included with the game. additional maps can be found in the map library link above.

fortress of flags
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a.i. wars
featured 9/98

a.i. wars

a.i. wars rated 5 by agentland
zdnet 4 star rating

ai wars 3d

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