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(c) 2002, John A. Reder, all rights reserved.


User Guide

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As a kid my best friend and I used to play strategy games every chance we had. One of our favorite games was an old familiar board game where you moved numbered game pieces around concealing their value. The lower value pieces defeated the higher valued pieces.  The goal was to capture the enemy flag to win.  Over time this game started grow stale and we were longing for a greater challenge.  We decided to merge our game sets together and create a whole new, much larger battlefield with terrain types restricting the movement of some pieces.  This game was much more fun to play but it took a very long time to play to its conclusion. Over the days it took to play it, there was always the threat of our mothers deconstructing our game due to the fact that its game board took up valued real-estate from play areas that our sisters wanted to use, and the ongoing threat of one of us looking at our opponents game pieces during the hours/days it sat in our homes waiting for us to find the time to resume play. My friend now lives hundreds of miles away, and I long for those days.  This game is my attempt to resurrect that old game using new technology and to share it with anyone who is interested.


To Run:

Launch Fortres of Flags from the Start Programs menu.


Game Objective:

You are commanding the Army 'Legion of the Blue flags'.  Your objective is to find and capture the King of the Red Army Legion or defeat all Red Army movable flags.

wpeB.jpg (1363 bytes) The commander Avatar.


Getting Started:

Once the game starts and the title / main menu screen appears, you will be given several options. From here you can Load a saved game, Load and view one of the Battlefield Maps, Load a saved army or start a new game with a new army. The following sections describe these options in further detail.

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Selecting a Battlefield Map:

Unless you want to use the Default Battlefield map you'll want to select a map from one of the many available maps.  To select a map choose the 'Change game map' from the main menu.  This will bring up a Load map window.  Click on the map name you wish to load and its name will be displayed in the box at the bottom. If more than 10 maps exist, use the 'Up' and 'Down' buttons to scroll through them.  Choose 'OK' from the buttons on the right side to load the map.

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Once loaded you can view the map by clicking on the 'View game map' option in the main menu. When viewing a map you will only be shown one half of the map since the Battlefield is mirrored for both sides. Notice the unit counter at the top, it's showing you the maps default unit allotment for battles on that map. To close a viewed map simply press [Space] or click the mouse left button to view the full map in 3D fly-over mode.


New Game / New Army:

Once you have chosen the Battlefield you wish to do battle on, you are now ready to start a new game. If you choose the 'Start a new game using new army' option from the main menu the game will ask you if you want to design your own army or create a random one for you. if you choose to design your own, the game will send you to the Army Setup screen.  This screen allows you place your flags on the battlefield.  The number of flags you are given is determined by the Battlefield map you are using.

Place your flags on any of the marked spaces.  wpeD.jpg (1989 bytes) You can only place flags on normal grass terrain. See the Flag Descriptions section for details about flag types.

Use the Flag Counter at the top to select the desired flag type (a red shield with a yellow arrow will point to the selected flag)  to be placed then select its desired location. To remove a flag simply replace it with anther or right click on it to remove it. Note you must select its type on the counter before the right click to remove feature can be used.

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While placing Flags you can press [F1] at any time for help.  When the last flag is placed the game will ask you if you wish to save your Army for later use.  If you choose 'Yes' you will be given the option to name your Army. At this time you may change the default name if you wish and press [Enter] to finish the save.  Note that Armies are saved with the name of the Battlefield Map that they were designed on.  You can only use a saved army on the map it was designed for.

Once the Army has been configured the game will start with your turn first.


New Game Using a Saved Army:

You can start a new game with one of your saved Armies.  To do this choose 'Start a new game using saved army' from the main menu.  This will bring up a Load Army window.   Click on the Army name you wish to load and its name will be displayed in the box at the bottom. If more than 10 armies exist, use the 'Up' and 'Down' buttons to scroll through them. Choose 'OK' from the buttons on the right side to load the Army.

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If the current map does not match the map your selected army was designed for, the game will notify you and ask you to press [Space] to load the map that the army was designed for.

Once the Army is loaded the game will start with your turn first.


Loading a Saved Game:

To resume a game that was previously saved you can select the 'Load saved game' option from the main menu or press [F7] once a game is in progress.  This will bring up a Load Game window.  Click on the Saved Game name you wish to load and its name will be displayed in the box at the bottom. If more than 10 saves exist, use the 'Up' and 'Down' buttons to scroll through them. Choose 'OK' from the buttons on the right side to load the Game. Once loaded the game will start at the point it was saved.


Saving a Game in Progress:

To save a game in progress you'll need to press [F6]. This will bring up a 'Save Game' window and you will be given the option to change the default save game name.   Once you are satisfied with the name press [Enter] to finish the save. The Game will be saved and you will be returned to the battle.


Flag Descriptions:

wpeE.jpg (1704 bytes)Army King: This is the most valued flag in your Army.  Any enemy flag that is capable of movement can defeat it in Battle.  If it is defeated you will loose the game. The Army King flag cannot move.

wpeF.jpg (1748 bytes)Dragon Slayer: The Dragon Slayer is the only flag that can do battle with a Great Dragon and win.  It can only win against a Great Dragon if it attacks the Dragon.  If the Great Dragon attacks first, the Slayer will be defeated. Since the Dragon Slayer is so specialized it cannot do battle and win against any other flag. It is a good idea to protect this flag until you really need it.

wpe10.jpg (1965 bytes)Death Trap: The Death Trap flag kills all who attack it. If attacked by an 'Unlock Trap' flag it will be defeated and removed from play. The Death Trap flag cannot move.

wpe11.jpg (1850 bytes)Serpent: Serpent flags have only one advantage, speed.  This is the only flag that can travel more than one space in a single turn. When you select it and identify the desired direction you wish to move it in, you are given an overhead view of the battlefield. Available movement spaces are clearly marked.  Choose any marked space to move to or attack that location. The Serpent cannot move over water, rock or jump over any flag on the Battlefield.

wpe12.jpg (1636 bytes)Unlock Trap: The Unlock Trap flag is the only flag that can destroy an enemy Death Trap but it will be destroyed in the process. It can be defeated by any flag to its left on the flag counter.

wpe13.jpg (2013 bytes)Swordsman: This is a common foot soldier to be used in battle. It can be defeated by any flag to its left on the flag counter.

wpe14.jpg (1840 bytes)Undead Fighter: This is an undead creature made from dead soldiers from past battles. Since it is already dead it is slightly harder to kill than a common foot soldier. It can be defeated by any flag to its left on the flag counter.

wpe15.jpg (1970 bytes)Demon: These deadly creatures only fear War Horses, Sea Monsters, Dragons and Death Traps.

wpe16.jpg (1894 bytes)War Horse: This unique flag can travel over rock terrain when necessary. it can be defeated by any flag to its left on the flag counter.

wpe17.jpg (1805 bytes)Sea Monster:  This unique flag can travel over water when necessary. it can be defeated by any flag to its left on the flag counter.

wpe18.jpg (1914 bytes)Lesser Dragon: This powerful creature can only be defeated a Great Dragon or a Death Trap.

wpe19.jpg (1980 bytes)Great Dragon: These sinister monsters have little to fear in battle they can only be defeated by an attacking Dragon Slayer or a Death Trap.


The Flag Counters:

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The Flag counters on the game screen show you how many flags remain of each type. During Army Setup mode the counter shows you how many flags remain needing placement.

The chosen Battlefield map determines how many flags of each type may be used.


Battlefield Terrain:

The Battlefield terrain comes in four forms:

wpe20.jpg (1920 bytes) Grass: This is normal terrain. All flags capable of moving may move freely upon it.

wpe21.jpg (1609 bytes) Water: Only Sea Monsters may travel upon water.

wpe22.jpg (1734 bytes) Rock: Only War Horses may travel upon rock.

wpe23.jpg (1888 bytes) Solid Stone: No units may pass over this terrain type.


Flag Movement:

Any flag that you, the player can move will have a red and yellow disk on the handle. wpe1B.jpg (869 bytes)  This is where you can select it with a mouse click. When a flag is selected available movement terrain squares will light up indicating which keyboard keys correspond with which movement option they have.

wpe1A.jpg (4925 bytes)

W = North

A = West

S = South

D = East

Press the desired key to move in the desired direction. Once pressed the flag will relocate to the new space. If the new space is occupied by an enemy flag, a Battle sequence will be displayed (see below: Flag Battles). Serpents may move more than one space if available.


Avatar Movement

Q = Jumps the avatar to the last moved Blue Army flag.

E = Jumps the avatar to the last moved Red Army flag.

Use the Arrow Keys to move around the Battlefield map.

[F2] [F3] [F4] [F5] = Change Avatar Battlefield vantage point.

wpeC.jpg (1363 bytes) Your Avatar Shield represents the center of your viewing location on the Battlefield map.


In Game Help:

Press [F1] for in game help at any time.


Other Game Controls:

M = Toggles Music off / on.

[ESC] = Exit / Quit game.


Flag Battles:

When a flag moves onto a space occupied by another enemy flag a battle sequence will occur. The attacking flag will be shown to the left and the defending flag will be shown in the center.  The stronger flag will win the space and be displayed to the right (see above: Flag Descriptions). The loosing flag will be removed from play and its counter will indicate how many flags of the same type remain. Note that Flags that are of the same type will destroy each other and both will be removed from play.

The winning flag will then be considered known. Known enemy flags will be brighter and their type will be visible. Known player flags will have two yellow triangles on the lower portion of the flag.

wpe1C.jpg (1597 bytes) Unknown Computer Flag:

wpe1D.jpg (1964 bytes) Known Computer Flag:

wpe1E.jpg (2008 bytes) Unknown Player Flag:

wpe1F.jpg (2155 bytes) Known Player Flag:


How to Win:

The first Army to capture the enemy Armies King wins.


The first Army to defeat all movable enemy flags wins.

If both armies have no movable flags in play, the game will end in a tie.


BattleField Editor:

FFMapEd.EXE is a utility that allows you to create your own Battlefield maps. It is included with the registered version as a separate program.

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Programmed by: John A. Reder