How to use this site:
Navigation through this tour of Torque's source code is primarily done by links embedded in the code. Several major sections have been identified, and are instantly available using the navigation panel on the left of the screen.

Any questions or problems with the site, please mail me. Don't write asking questions about Torque's source code. That's Shea's area!


The source code has been colored in order to make reading slightly easier (I hope :-)

The majority of the code is colored Blue
; Comments are colored Green. These are comments from Shea.
Goto statements are colored Red and can be followed by clicking on them
Labels are colored Yellow:
math statements are colored white (this is because they are often very long and take up more than one line on the webpage. The different color makes it easier to spot this)

Several lines of code have a brief explanation of what they do. For example:

iff code Torque -- explain

By clicking on 'explain', you can view this explanation (don't try clicking on the 'explain' above - it's just an example!)