Congratulations! You actually bothered to read my little piece of writing!
Well, it's been a long hard job getting all this done, and it's still not finished. I'm having serious problems trying to understand Torque's barrier navigation routines - to be honest, I have a hard time understanding Reaper's navigation code, so it's hardly surprising. I do hope to get this tutorial finished in the near future, so keep an eye out for any improvements.
** Right then, firstly the formalities **
Any corrections, suggestions, broken links, innacurate information or whatever else you can find in this tutorial, please do let me know. Any errors I have made in compiling this will undoubtedly confuse somebody out there so it's better that I know and can change it.
** Now for some more personal stuff **
I really hope that nobody thinks that they can gain any kind of advantage from indiscriminate use of copy-and-paste from Torque's code. This is not, repeat NOT, the latest version of Torque, and as such it has many little quirks and bugs which mean that it is not going to be a tounament-winner these days. OK, so this version kicked some ass a few months ago, but now that version 5 of AI Wars has become better established, people are finding better ways of doing things all the time.
However, I would eagerly encourage anybody to have a think about how Torque worked, and then to apply those same techniques to their cybug. Both Shea and I are not interested in trying to hide all of our secrets from the AI Wars gaming community - that's not a good way to help the game evolve - so we want to give people the inspiration to come up with something bigger and better than we could have dreamt of. Otherwise, how's anybody even going to come close to Michel Galligo's CTS???
Well, with all that said and done, enjoy the tour through Torque's code. It's not laid out in a linear fashion, so it may take you a few trips to get through the whole thing but I think that it will be worth it, if you want ot learn about the refinements of Cybug design.
James Press