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a.i. wars chinese

john reder

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organizations that wish to use it for educational purposes please see the 'site license' section below.
if you would like to see continued support for this game please consider giving a donation.

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2d debug mode battle 2d volcano battle battle summary screen tournament mode setup screen

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If you've still been using this 'fake experience' in your resume, make a way to remove it next time you apply with a new company. No one prefers to hire a fresher or an unexperienced (with no experience) guy for a job. This sounds logical, though. A guy with working experience brings the needed skills and the trust with himself. This boost the confidence of an employer that intends to hire him.

player community forum - a.i. wars has a player community that sponsors tournaments and provides user support visit the player forum to see what is currently happening.

tutorials - developing a cybug is an art that grows in complexity as your skills develop.  use the information provided in this section to learn from those who have come before you!

a.i. file library - upload and download all of your favorite cybug ai files here.


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a.i. wars (the insect mind) battleshell - a.i. wars global battle simulation where cybugs attempt to grab as much land as possible.

a.i. wars user guide - print this out or purchase the printed book version.


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this a.i. wars site license exists for educational groups or schools who want to conduct a tournament or use a.i. wars as part of their curriculum. this license grants the right to install a.i. wars on any pc in your organization and to distribute it in any format you wish to your students. you are also granted rights to print unlimited copies of the user guide.

great for educators who want their students to experience programming at any level. the included graphical programming interface allows kids (or those new to programming) to program their cybugs by stringing icons together, and then allows them to see it in action with a click of the 'test' button.

for those who are more advanced, they can use the 'source' button to see how it would look in actual caicl code and, when ready, they can step-up and use the text based caicl editor to program their cybugs using the actual caicl language. note that caicl was designed to have simple commands for beginners and allows for more advanced programming techniques as players grow more proficient.

the true strength in its caicl language is its ability to allow your programs to build commands in memory and run them while the program is executing! creative cybug authors make cybugs adaptive to their actual situation by using this technique!

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get paid from snapchat
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a.i. wars
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a.i. wars

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