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a.i. wars chinese

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does amazon pay earn 5
it's here! the second game in the does amazon pay earn 5 series!
this version of a.i. wars uses tanks instead of cybugs. cybug a.i. files can still be used. trees can be destroyed and team selection is done in the battle configuration screen.

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a.i. wars (armor commander) major differences from a.i. wars (the insect mind) include:
- much improved user interface designed to encourage team battles (armies assigned more than one tank)
- 3d battles only - directx/3d 8, 800x600 16bit color or better hardware/drivers required.
- it uses tanks instead of cybugs / new graphics and sounds.
- battlefields look more realistic with roads, ground markings and trees (the trees can be destroyed!).
- can use a.i. wars (the insect mind) cybug ai files.

supports 3d battles only
does amazon pay earn 5

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a.i. wars
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a.i. wars

a.i. wars rated 5 by agentland
zdnet 4 star rating

ai wars 3d

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