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When McKay and Payne scored the Rings of Power job, their old boss J.J. Abrams offered advice: "Trust your instincts," he wrote in an email. "But say, 'I don't know' a lot." So they filled their fellowship with people who did know how to tell an epic story, beginning with fellow Bad Robot alum Lindsey Weber, 42, who has handled Star Trek and Cloverfield productions, as their executive producer. They used the practical and digital visual-effects companies co-founded by Jackson, Weta Workshop and Weta FX, and consulted with the Tolkien estate, particularly his grandson Simon Tolkien. J.A. Bayona, who helmed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, directed the first two episodes, and Bryan Cogman, who worked on Game of Thrones, came on as a consulting producer to offer his experience with episodic television. Read More: 11 Rings of Power Secrets We Learned From the Cast and Creators

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a.i. wars
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a.i. wars

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