This is the start of Torque's code. It is the first code that is run when the cybug is placed in the battle simulator.


  • iff code Torque -- explain
  • author Shea Parkes -- explain
  • name Torque -- explain
  • debug off -- explain
  • long range scan  -- explain
  • if scan found enemy then launch missile
  • if scan found enemy then goto missiles
  • if value #inbound = 0 then if value #enemy_x <> #x_pos then if value #enemy_y <> #y_pos then goto err_ #cur_head  -- explain
  • if value #x_pos = #enemy_x then goto same_x_ #cur_head  -- explain
  • if value #y_pos = #enemy_y then goto same_y_ #cur_head  -- explain
  • if value #inbound >= 1 then goto locked_ #cur_head #inbound  -- explain
  • ; Well, this is my bug Torque.  It has now made it to the top of the charts in the Arena of Champions.
    ; I'm very proud of it, and spent a lot of time on it.  This version 4 of Torque is designed for AI Wars 5.
    ; I redid some of the barrier code, frag, close enemy, and many other routines for it.
    ; Also, took out alot of the p-scan formulas because a cloaked bug isn't detected by it.
    ; I don't even remember *exactly* what all the routines do, so don't feel bad if you get lost.

    ; Any comments or bugs?  E-mail me at!

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