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John Reder

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Tactical Neuronics Robot Database
Gift ideas for the ROBOT friendly family!

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Types: 1=Real 2=Complex 3=Toy 4=Kit

Robot NameWeb LinksImageType
HOAP-1 [Link] 1
DrRobot [Link] 1
Roomba [Link] [Link] [Link] 1
Tmsuk [Link] 1
RS-01 [Link] 1
AIBO ERS 220 [Link] 1
Robotic Vacuum [Link] 1
AmigoBot [Link] 1
Cye [Link] 1
Sony AIBO [Link] 1
NeCoRo [Link] 1
NEC R100 [Link] 1
Honda ASIMO [Link] [Link] 1
Sony SDR-3X [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 1
Robot Lawn Mowers [Link] [Link]
RoboScout [Link] 2
Ir-V Wireless Internet Responsive Robot [Link] 2
WonderBorg [Link] 2
I-Cybie Electronic Dog: Blue [Link] [Link] [Hack] 2
I-Cybie Electronic Dog: Gold [Link] [Link] [Hack] 2
Sumo Robot [Link] 4
Rockit Robot [Link] 4
Rug Warrior : Mobile Robot Kit [Link] 4
Scooter Sound Controlled Robot [Link] 4
Hyper Peppy Robot [Link] 4
S-Cargo Robot [Link] 4
Soccer Robot [Link] 4
Moon Walker Robot [Link] 4
Scrambler All Terrain Robot [Link] 4
Blinky Pathfinder Robot [Link] 4
Copycat Digital Programmable Robot [Link] 4
Hyper Line Tracker Robot [Link] 4
Spider Robot [Link] 4
Comet Robot [Link] 4
Navius Robot [Link] 4
Cyclone Radio Controlled Robot [Link] 4
Robotic Arm [Link] 4
WAO II Programmable Robot [Link] 4
LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Discovery Set [Link] [Link] [Link]
[Link] [Link] [Link]

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A.I. Wars

A.I. Wars Rated 5 by AgentLand
ZDNet 4 star rating

AI Wars 3D

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