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Tactical Neuronics Robot Database
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Types: 1=Real 2=Complex 3=Toy 4=Kit

Robot NameWeb LinksImageType
Tekno Dinkie Robot: Mom [Link] 3
Tekno Dinkie Robot: Boy [Link] 3
Tekno Dinkie Robot: Baby [Link] 3
Tekno Dinkie Robot: Girl [Link] 3
Tekno Dinkie Robot: Dog [Link] 3
Tekno Dinkie Robot: Dad [Link] 3
Talking Boy Robot: Emiglio [Link] 3
Me & My Dog Shadow [Link] [Link] [Link] 3
Commando Bot Radio Control Voice Recognition Robot [Link] 3
Dino Chi [Link] [Link] [Link] 3
Super Poo-Chi [Link] [Link] 3
Meow-Chi [Link] [Link] [Link]
[Link] [Link] [Link]
Poo-Chi Interactive Puppy [Link] [Link] [Link]
[Link] [Link] [Link]
[Link] [Link] [Link]
[Link] [Link]
Chirpy Chi [Link] [Link] [Link] 3
Poo-Chi Bulldog [Link] [Link] 3
Tekno New Born Dalmation Puppy [Link] 3
Tekno the Robotic Puppy [Link] 3
Kitty the Robotic Kitten [Link] 3
Tekno the Robotic Dalmatian [Link] 3
Tekno Turtle Flash [Link] 3
Tekno Frog Frankie [Link] 3
Tekno New Born Dalmation Puppy [Link] 3
Tekno Polly the Robotic Parrot [Link] 3
Tekno Dinosaur [Link] 3
Tekno New Born Puppy [Link] 3
Tekno Rex [Link] 3
Boomer the Tekno Puppy: Beagle (Tekno 2.0) [Link] 3
Boomer the Tekno Puppy: Dalmatian [Link] 3
Tri-Rapa-Ceratops Remote Control Lizard [Link] 3
Muy Loco Remote Control Lizard [Link] 3
RAD Robot 2.0 (27 MHz) [Link] [Link] 3
LEGO Action Wheeler My Bots Invention System [Link] 3
Radio Control Mega Byte Cyber Watch Dog [Link] 3
Rocket the Wonder Dog [Link] [Link] 3
Silverbot Robotic Creature Building Set [Link] 3
DJ Johnny Bot [Link] 3

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