A.I. Wars Chinese

John Reder

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Vision Statement, Tactical Neuronics
To promote critical thinking skills while inspiring interest in computer programming.

Evolution Accelerates Exponentially!
Mankind creates artificial life, intelligent artificial life. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is ours. It is our contribution to evolution. Soon, together, we will unlock the secrets of the universe. We will merge, and seed the stars… (John Reder)


Learn to Program Playing A.I. Wars!

Or Try a more traditional way using one of these books for absolute beginners!

Learn Electronics and build your own amry of Cybugs!

Chess with Dice for Android!

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A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind)

Full version - completely free!
Updated December 2012!
Donations accepted.

Includes NEW Graphical
Programming Interface (GPI)

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hosting a monthly tournament!
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The Cartesian Hive Reopens! Check out
their new A.I. Combat Calculator!

A.I. Wars (Armor Commander)
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Note: Looking for AI War: Fleet Command?
That is completely different game!
Visit Arcen Games to learn more about it!

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AI Wars 3D
Armor Commander
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A.I. Wars
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A.I. Wars

A.I. Wars Rated 5 by AgentLand
ZDNet 4 star rating

AI Wars 3D

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